Research Scientist in Optical Modeling, France

Ile De France, France
Competitive salary
May 23, 2016
Dec 31, 2016
Result Type
Position Type
Full Time

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Research Scientist in Optical Modeling

Job Function: Research
Employment type: Full - Time
Location: FR - Ile De France
Country: France

We are looking for researchers in your area to join our international team of rule-breakers and game-changers. Ready to lead strategic Research & Innovation projects that will change the tomorrow of the beauty industry?  

If so, we want you to join L’Oréal Research & Innovation!

3 things you must know about L’Oréal Research & Innovation:

  1. We love to be first at L’Oréal, you will get endless autonomy to propose, experiment and take risks.
  2. The beauty industry is changing: from 3d skin printing to virtual makeup – we are leading the way and you will be shaping the revolution. We'll rapidly innovate, you'll be learning faster than anyone else in the industry.
  3. We are a multicultural worldwide community of 3800 employees, of over 60 different nationalities working in 23 research centers. You will have the resources, the focus, and a large enough user base to experiment with any ideas you can come up with.

Why Join Us?

You will integrate the Physical Simulation Lab in the Advanced Research Division of L'Oreal R&I, under the responsibility of the Lab Manager. Your team is in charge of developing and using new research oriented characterization and modelling tools which aims at (1) decoding what should be the optical properties of a cosmetic product applied on skin/hair for a given final performance (2) proposing accordingly new innovative raw materials design or concept (3) characterize the performance of existing raw materials or systems for a better transformation and valorization. All these aforementioned tasks require working in a multidisciplinary environment. The lab is interfaced with clinicians, physicists, chemists, biologists since our approaches are multi-scale from decoding global appearance down into local mechanistic skin / hair targets and propose local solutions to protect repair or conceal.

You shall be good in unfathoming existing challenges in fundamental technical tasks that can be handled but also in proposing and pushing new concepts arising from your overall expertise.

You will have an amazing position where you will be responsible for proposing, carrying out and managing scientific research projects and collaborations in the optical domain aiming at understanding our cosmetic targets (hair, skin) and designing new solutions. One of your foremost tasks will be to understand and help translating consumer expectations into technical challenges or raw material specifications through experimental and computational complementary approaches.

What will be your activities and responsibilities?

You will have the opportunity to promote, investigate, implement, use and transfer novel computational methods and experimental tools dedicated to the study of raw material optical properties or the understanding of final cosmetic properties

You will be in charge of interfacing existing or to be developed experimental methods with existing or to be developed computational models in order to contribute to the development of novel knowledge

You will be challenge to propose and manage partnerships with academics or companies to explore innovative technologies.

You will have the chance to contribute to the development and training of teams

You will be consulted to participate to the vision, development and communication of the lab

Who are you?

You have a MSc or an Engineer degree in experimental and/or theory/modeling and/or computer engineering of optical properties / physically based image synthesis with proven experience OR a  PhD / Postdoc in one of those fields. You have an interest for cosmetic material, skin and hair and some knowledge of light-matter interactions and of raw materials optical properties

When you are not rolling up your sleeves, you will have the chance to talk or present your different projects to some of our curious collaborators. Coffee breaks and meetings will be an excellent way to show how you are at ease when communicating with someone.

Thanks to your love of challenges and your open mindedness, you are able a capacity to work in a team with people having very different backgrounds.

You have a passion for science and your idea of having fun is looking up explanations about everything that surrounds you.

L’Oréal is a place where you will be listen and you are not afraid to share your own convictions and visions.

You are a reliable person with a strong scientific rigor

You have an ability to design, build and manage scientific projects in close collaboration with internal and external partners

Apart from all your skills, it will be your innovation and your entrepreneurship that will be appreciated in our company.

These scientific knowledge are required for the position:

  • Optical properties of soft matter or particles
  • Experimenter and Data analysis
  • Modelling scenes and physically based optical simulation tools
  • Computational schemes (including HPC)
  • Image synthesis and 3D imaging

Some knowledge in the following software or domains would be highly appreciated: matlab, monte carlo, ray tracing, fdtd, mie, physically based renderer (optisworks), cao, image processing, face/hair modelling, linux notions

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